When I was a kid I liked to watch the Jeffersons. I don’t remember much about the show as an adult, but the theme song often pops up in my head when I’m least expecting it, specifically the last line when Ja’net Dubois belts out that she’s, “finally got a piece of the pie”. I cannot explain why of all the songs heard in my youth, this one lyric should continue to haunt me. Maybe it’s because I sensed then what I know now, that a good life is about putting together pieces. Not just the pieces that can be bought, sold, and possibly admired by friends and strangers, but pieces of happiness, beauty, and intimacy. There are all kinds of ways to live this life and I may be perfecting my version until I draw my last breath, but along the way I’d like to keep track of all the things that make it wonderful whether they actually exist in my reality or not.