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Faience is a word for fine tin-glazed pottery. The word originates from Faenza a town in Italy where the style (and technology, as its invention was a great leap forward in the pottery world) seems to have spread from to other parts of Europe. It is the same glaze that is used in delft or majolica pottery, and became very common for use in wood stoves used for heating homes and palaces. The stoves are still commonly found in Scandanavia and range from simple white columnar stoves to elaborately tiled versions more often found in Spain, Italy or Russia. While I can’t quite imagine where I could fit one (or how to afford an antique version) in my small-ish 1950’s house, I still adore them and maybe someday I’ll have just the right living room to suit one of these beauties.

Faience Stoves in palaces and homes:

Faience Stoves for sale:

Antique French Faience Stove: $2750

Swedish Faience Stove 1894

New Italian Ceramic Stove

Antique Swedish Stove

New Italian Ceramic Stove

Swedish Stove circa 1900