Some nights I love making dinner. Some nights I want to drink a beer and pretend someone else made dinner. And so inspired the incarnation of Wing Night. Last night was our first official (and my daughter hopes monthly) Wing Night. What is Wing Night, you ask? It’s the night we eat nothing but chicken wings and slaw for dinner of course! I’ve made wings many times but this recipe from Food and Wine a few years back is still my favorite. It’s not difficult and most of the time involved is cooking time where you do nothing except flip the wings over once so it’s great for a weeknight or any night you just don’t want to do much.  Just don’t forget the beer, or in my case last night the gin/mint/limonata cocktail.

Ginger Honey Hot Wings

Blue Cheese Slaw

Thinly slice up some romaine lettuce, red cabbage and yellow bell peppers. Toss with your favorite blue cheese dressing and, if you like, add some blue cheese crumbles. My favorite is from Rogue Creamery in southern Oregon.