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If this blog is where my fantasy life resides, then I’d be remiss to leave out travel. Yes, I write about travel at the wander plan but I’m feeling the need to condense at the moment. Likely this is due to the fact that my real life is working in the exact opposite way, like the second or two that it takes the coin to flip in the air before landing. It’s all a possibility with no determined outcome. Some days this sounds exciting (adventure!) and some days this sounds like being shoved out of an airplane (fear of heights!).

At any rate, I’ll still update the wander plan with Fantasy Fridays at least for the time being and sneak in others here. Places like the Nottoway Plantation in White Castle, Louisiana in between New Orleans and Lafayette. The mansion was completed in 1859 by the Randolph family who enjoyed a prosperous and typical life of plantation owners up until the civil war. Yes, it could be a bit like playing plantation owner to stay here, but I’d hope not. Many old plantations can fall in to ruin without the income to keep them up, and I don’t think anyone wants to lose the history of this area. Especially when it’s embodied in such a beautiful location. Personally, I’d book one of the cottages and order a bourbon immediately.

Photos courtesy of Nottoway Plantation